Kaapsehoop or Kaapsche Hoop (established 1882) is a small, historical mining town on the Mpumalanga escarpment, that lies at an altitude of 1712m, free from malaria, with clear skies, crisp mountain air and beautiful views. The small village offers various accommodation venues, from basic hikers huts, self catering and B&B in historical establishments, luxury guesthouses, and even an old train coach.

When visiting Kaapsehoop, be sure to enjoy the Kaapsche Hoop Nature Walk – an easy, leisurely one hour walk to the escarpment, for breathtaking views of De Kaap Valley below.


The Blue Swallow is a very rare bird in South Africa, and are mainly found at Kaapsehoop, nesting and breeding in old, abandoned mine shafts in a natural heritage site outside town. Herds of wild horses roaming free in the area, are believed to be the only wild horses in South Africa.

Kaapsehoop Attractions:

  • Historical Mining town (Kaapsche Hoop – original Dutch spelling).
  • Hiking Trails.
  • Waterfalls and Nature Scenes.
  • Wildlife – Wild Horses, Oribi, Blue Swallow.
  • Indigenous Plants.
  • Rock Field Formations.
  • Accommodation Options

Contact Details for Kaapsehoop Info:

Contact Person: Reinette van Niekerk

Cell: +27 (0)82-333-2073

Website: www.kaapsehoopinfo.co.za

Physical Address:
next to Berlin Forest,
Mpumalanga Escarpment
South Africa