Bergplaats Game Lodge

Bergplaats Game Lodge is situated on 8 500ha of private land on the plains of the Karoo just 80km outside the town of Beaufort West. Set against a mountain backdrop, the farm supports a huge diversity of more than 1 000 plant varieties from South Africa’s various biomes – the distinct ecological communities of plants in a particular climatic area. Animals abound, and there are more than 50 mammal species, over 300 bird species and numerous reptiles and amphibians in this healthy, malaria-free area.

Bergplaats serves as a private safari destination for both local and international visitors and it is also a tranquil retreat for those needing to escape the stresses of city life. We offer Self Catering, Bed & Breakfast & Fully Catered accommodation & can accommodate a maximum of 20 guests. We can also accomodate guests at 4 bush camping sites. We allow a maximum of 5 vehicles and 15 adults per campsite.

Bergplaats can be accessed by 4X4 or road vehicles, mountain bikes and even on horseback. The estate offers various hiking and 4×4 trails. Depending on the visitors’ needs, hunting, bird-watching and photographic safaris are arranged.

At night, you will simply never see a more spectacular sight than when you look up at the canopy of stars over Bergplaats. This is a place where you are humbled and reminded of the wonder and diversity of God’s creation.

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